cgi Dancing Fruit

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A portfolio project. 3D fruit, linked to real motion-capture data. Dancing fruit! This will definitely put sa smile on your face. Just dance, dance, dance! art direction : Dick Boot...


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Handmade wigs made from pasta, feathers, plastic bubblewrap, candy, phone cords, plastic chains, shower hose, Christmas ornaments. All wigs were custom made by Dick Boot. A big thank you goes...

Willem Martinot

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I had the opportunity to photograph film maker Willem Martinot. The goal was to give both photos a 'film-feel' to reflect the work that Willem does. concept/art direction : Dick Boot / Willem...


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Beautiful and fragile poses with musical instruments like cello, violin, drum, guitar and saxophone. The goal was to make a series based on nude photography without revealing to much of...

Dirty Flowers

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Real flowers decorated or distorted with various liquids and fluids like syrup, chocolate, salad dressing, glue and honey. Photographed in the studios in Gouda. A big thanks to assistants Joris...


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The photographer photographs the photographer. I had the opportunity to photograph Caroline Martinot, a Dutch photographer from Utrecht. Shot on her fantastic studio-location in Utrecht. model : Caroline Martinot concept/art...


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Images of divers girls. Some are more retouched then others. concept/art direction : Dick Boot photo : Dick Boot models : Miss Riskina, Milou, Joke retouch : Dick Boot production year...


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I had the opportunity to create images for the creative crew of InFilmer in The Hague. The images were shot in a studio and then retouched in a total different...

Dick Boot

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Me, photographed by Caroline Martinot from Utrecht. After i photographed Caroline i could not get out of being a 'model-for-a-day' myself...i really tried. Once i was used to the idea of...

Chef’s Special

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Photos of a famous Dutch band called Chef's Special. The band played at a launch party for Samsung in the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam in 2012. The band...

The Bottle Family

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Simple water filled bottles staged as a family. The bottles were filled with water what resulted in a nice spread of the lighting. Father, mother and son 'Bottle' were very patient...


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Photography based images taken on different locations like Antwerp, Zeeland and Fuerteventura. concept/art direction : Dick Boot photo : Dick Boot retouch : Dick Boot production year : 2012


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Here you will find other project i photographed and created in cgi. concept/art direction : Dick Boot photo : Dick Boot retouch : Dick Boot production year : 2012 /...

About Me

My name is Dick Boot, a designer, photographer, musician and creative born in 1968 in Alphen a/d Rijn in the Netherlands. I grew up in Zeeland in the south of the country and always lived nearby the seas somehow. I find it kind of comforting to live nearby water somehow.

I allways have been creative somehow. Drawing, graphics design, making music and now photography, webdesign and image retouching. I love to create images with all the digital tools available. Like digital cameras, computers, 3D software and image retouching software like Photoshop.

I started with photography in 2011. Before that time i made the usual snapshots but never serious photography. I then bought a DSLR camera and started to do some studio photography. And more and more the artistical freedom grabbed me.

Every picture tells a story.

I don’t really see myself as a traditional photographer but more as a ‘photography based artist’ I love to create images that surprise people, amaze them, make them angry, make them think, make them wonder…. or touch them. I love to loose myself in the concept-fase of an image, create or gather all the props i need. Trying to figure out how to get to the result. The photography, the image manipulation, i really enjoy all the different stages of the creation of an image.


And then, finally…..when all the ingredients come together, when the cake is out of the oven and the result is delicious…that’s fantastic! That asks for more….every time!



What i love…

Wostok Lemonade, strong espresso, heavy rain, fresh mowed grass, Apple, beautiful design, Nikon, vegetarian food, snow, Scandinavië, vinyl records

…and really hate

When i can’t find my keys, meddling, uneven number of socks, reading, sport, when i run out of coffee, loud people, chaos, big crowds, movie spoilers.